Multiplayer games... do they suck?
Am I the only one that absolutely bloody hate match making, ranks, microtransactions and buying equipment, auctions (I'm fucking looking at you CS:GO), and all this other shit that has destroyed multiplayer gaming? How I miss the days of Quake 2 and Half-Life, and all their furry little siblings.

Le sigh!
You think CSGO is overboard with the microtransactions? I mean, its just skins, and you can ignore the competitive matchmaking part.
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I can think of far, far worse games than CS:GO, it's just the one particular game that's most recently been in my attention. So the Source versions of CS still have the old LAN/dedicated matches left? Well, that's a nice surprise! Maybe Steam is useful for something after all.

Still, I don't exactly look on many modern multiplayer FPS games with any kind of happiness. Warface was the most recent one. Whatsherface before that, can't remember. Maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy, or I'm genuinely missing something that's been lost.


Anyway, what better way to introduce yourself than with a bang...-ing your head against the wall!

You need to try a pay to win game and you'll find the skins dont matter in something like CSGO Smile its really the thing I have the least issue with when it comes to monotization models in games
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I don't play multiplayer games because my Internet sucks.
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Sure the general gaming trends for multiplayer games have changed. But there are still some good ones out there.

I went back to Natural Selection 2. They have fixed the biggest problem I had back in the day, the loading times are so good now.

And while it has very small player base, 400+ players during EU evenings, the players are dedicated and there are 4 to 10 server with active players. And it's rather cheap during the Steam sale at this point.
I hate Steam, but I went ahead and bought Insurgency. Might actually turn out to be quite good, it reminds me a lot of TCE!
I should play NS2 again..
Insurgency is a good choice. I've not played it a lot but it still has a decent player base and the game itself is good. And both multiplayer and coop are very good in that game.

NS2 still has that magic that originally captured me. 4 years ago, when it was released, I put about 60 hours in it and now I've doubled it. Sure there are games where people bitch that the commander sucks and commanders complains that players can't kill stuff. But on the other had the games where people work together feel so good. And on top of that the game has a very strong comeback mechanics built into it. To the point that I find it's even fun to lose to some of them.

One game we were taking the whole map from Aliens and starting to push into their main. They did a base rush, we didn't get back to the base fast enough. Lost power and all the stuff there. Had no spawners and we were lucky to get a second base up and spawners built. By the time we managed to do it the aliens controlled the whole map but they still didn't have that much res. Our players were loaded on personal res so out came exos and jetpacks but we didn't manage to push in to the main and they got they economy up and we lost. The mistakes were obvious but playing it out was still fun as hell.

And most of the time teams are good at surrendering so the game is not stretched extra 15 minutes and the other team is not forced to kill everything.

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